Eye Talks: Free webinar

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Mero Eye’s Eye Talks is a comprehensive program that is entirely based on virtual classes for Eye health professionals/students. It is specially designed for optometrists. It contains comprehensive classes from every specialty of optometry. The course is basically run under the shade of eye health experts from different corners of the world.

Why have we come with the program?

It’s been around 25 years of the establishment of the optometry profession in Nepal and it’s still emerging. We believe that these virtual classes will help all the ophthalmic practitioners, who want to explore their insights in different sub-specialty, thereby providing an opportunity to develop sound relations with the eye health experts.

Model of the program.

It has been designed to provide insights to enthusiastic eye health professionals/students via the utilization of online mediums free of cost. It will give a certificate for completion of the course when participant or students completes the course along certain hour of credit.

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