Mero Eye Foundation (MEF) is a registered organization in Office of the Registrar of Companies, Kathmandu, Nepal. We are eye health professionals (especially optometrists) united from different corner of the globe. Our primary goal is to foster the optometry academics, develop global networking and conduct philanthropic works.

We work on the baseline of rules and regulations of the foundation (Public Company: Among the companies established as per A, it is a non-private company in which there should be at least 7 founders and the paid up capital should be at least Rs. 10 million). And we offer similar protocols & regulations for different countries to be our member. Currently, we are a team of academy researchers, universities’ teaching faculties, clinicians, corporate lawyers and students as well. Also, we have 35 volunteer members from all around the world from which most of them are Nepalese. Our volunteers are working with passion and determination in 10 different countries.

We conduct virtual conference annually, webinars, workshops, e-fellowship programs, entrance classes and online exams. We even have one of the largest virtual optometry libraries with a collection of free lecture series by renowned optometrist’s and registered journal and magazine. Also, we have a collaborative book publication (Samiksha Publication) for optometry from where we will be publishing series of optometry books.

Our platform is open for all eye health professionals who wants to serve and volunteer today for a better tomorrow (Clam your Membership).