We are Nepal Optometry Students’ Societies (NOSS, NAMS, and PU) and Optometrist graduated from different national and international universities. We have collaborated for philanthropic social works, focusing primarily on building up interaction between different universities especially for academic upliftment. Different National universities have an affiliation to conduct the optometry course which is rapidly increasing Nepal’s optometry and vision eye care professionals. Despite these facts, there are hundreds of obstacles that have been hindering quality education and skilled clinical practice in Nepal. With the aim of uplifting the education quality and clinical skills, we have been conducting Symposium and workshop. Furthermore, we are also conducting a program “Talkology” at the end of every month where renowned national and international delegates will participate and share their ideas and experiences on several topics. Mero Eye has been a great platform for Optometry students, practicing and non-practicing Optometrist as well. 

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