PCL in Optometry NHPC license Examination

The Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) has been contributing towards the development of different level of health personnel in Nepal. In the similar context, CTEVT planned to produce Ophthalmic Assistant with an outlook of delivering comprehensive (preventive, promotive, and curative) eye health services to the community. Beginning as a vocational training, today it has reached to a certificate level course leading to a degree ‘Proficiency Certificate Level in Ophthalmic Science’ in 3 years. The aim of this course was to produce compassionate mid-level ophthalmic human resource who can help and play a significant role in eye care delivery system within the hospital as well in the

Those who have completed PCL in Ophthalmic Science course should appear and pass the license examination conducted by Nepal Health Professional Council to initiate their clinical practice. The main intention of conducting the license examination is to ensure the supply of skilled human resources in the market further contributing to the production of qualitative manpower. As the responsibility of quality control of the health professional education in the nation lies in the hands of NHPC, the council strictly maintains register and those who are registered are granted with practicing certificate.

NHPC bears the responsibility to provide the entire syllabus for license examination. The overall objective of the syllabus for the license examination is to ensure the availability of basic knowledge on Ophthalmic Science among passed out candidates. Also, NHPC provides the weightage of respective subject for the purpose of licensing examination.

Nepal Health Professional Council (NHPC) is an autonomous body established under the Nepal Health Professional Council Act 2053. The aim of this council is to register all the “Health professionals” other than Medical doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, and Ayurveda according to their qualification; and bring them into a legal system as to make their services effective with quality and timely in a scientific manner.

Nepal Health Professional Council (NHPC) is stating to take license examination since 2077 BS. It was believing to control the education quality in many health professionals. Especially, it was considered important for optometry fertility. NHPC stared to take exam since 2020 AD.

Mero Eye has now come up with an ‘PCL in Optometry or OA Licensing Exam Classes’ to strengthen the preparation of the optometry graduates who are willing to appear for the license examination by NHPC. These classes will facilitate the optometry graduates will quick guidance from the senior optometrists along with a provision of tips and tricks to crack the MCQs. Besides, Question-Answer Discussion (QAD) classes will be conducted to increase student’s focus, interest, and engagement which will, in turn, yield a positive result in the upcoming licensing examination.

Exam Format

  1. Single best response type with MCQs
  2. Four options (A,B,C & D)
  3. 100 Questions
  4. Recall:Understanding:Application=30:50:20
  5. Hours Allocated: 2 hours


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