Raju Kaiti

Co-Ordinator for Optometry and vision science program, Nepal Eye Hospital

Nirajan Sah

Sagarmatha Choudhary Eye hospital

Kapil Gautam
Founder of Mero Eye


Romanch Jung Rayamajhi
Co-founder of Mero Eye
Kamal Luitel
Group Leader

Talkology Project Director

Birkha Bogati
Group Leader

Nepal Eye Hospital

Dipak Shrestha
Legal Adviser

Contact: +977-9860133898

Solu Gautam
Group Leader

Biratnagar Eye Hospital

Swechchha Sharma
Entrance Co-ordinator

Mero Eye Entrance Group

Deependra Kandel
Team Leader

Contact: +977-9840499098

Purushottam Shah
Group Leader

Mero Eye Entrance Group

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