Assistive digital application & Electronic devices for Low Vision patients

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One of the most difficult aspect while answering the queries of the low vision patients is to make them comfortable with Low vision devices. It is also tough to best match the available low vision devices as per the patient’s requirement. Hence, the clinical practice does not depend only on clinical expertise, rather what the clinician is going to prescribe is also of equal importance.

In the case of low vision patients, equipment’s are expensive and sometimes the professional requirement can’t be met only by optical or non-optical devices. The electronic devices and digital software can play a crucial role in this case and in fact today’s generation depends on them to a large extent as well. So hereby we are trying to give the information regarding the latest updated assistive digital application & electronic devices, some are completely free, and you can prescribe any of them by today itself.

The most common use of electric devices

  • Screen readers for computers
    • JAWS
    • NVDA
    • Narrator
  • Screen magnifiers for computer
    • Magnifier
    • magic
  • Screen readers for smartphones
    • Talkback
    • Voiceover
    • Mobi-speak
  • Screen magnifiers for smartphones
    • Magnification gestures
    • Zoom
    • Magnify
    • Visor magnify
  • Text readers
    • Eye-D
    • KNFB reader
    • Envision
    • Seeing AI
    • Supersense
  • Text readers
    • EYE-D
    • KNFB reader
    • Envision
    • Seeing AI
    • Super Sense
  • Image reader
    • Tap Tap See
    • Eye D
    • Seeing AI
  • Navigation apps
    • Google maps
    • Eye D
    • Seeing Assistant Move
    • Nearby explorer online
  • Volunteer assistance apps
    • Be my eyes
    • Aira
  • Colour identifiers
    • Colour Id
    • Colour Identifier
  • Library apps
    • Simple reading
    • Go read
    • LibriVox
    • Easy reader
    • Go to read
  • Recreational apps
    • Blind legend
    • Blind cricket
    • Vorail (social network)
    • Audio game hub
  • Braille tools
    • Refreshable braille
    • Braille embossers and typewriters
    • Kurzweil software
  • Scanning tools
    • Open book software
    • KNFB reader
  • Audio tools & materials
    • DAISY player
    • DAISY & mp3 audiobooks
  • Wearable technology
    • eSight
    • orCam
    • e2
  • Hand-heald devices
    • Smart cane
    • Magnifiers
    • Ausion
    • Torchit




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