Mero Eye Foundation’s membership form

Mero Eye foundation is a registered organization in Nepal.  We believe that Optometrists all around the world is the single-family as a whole. Hence, we promote diversity, variation and inclusivity. If we join our hands to work on unity, we can make the optometry profession better than ever. 

What are the requirements for membership? 

  1. Our platform is specially designed to enrol the optometrist from the different corner of the world. All the optometrists, optometry students, and eye health practitioners are more than welcome to be involved in our organization.
  2. Leaders are ranked in order of working skills, experience and seniority.
  3. The CV must be submitted for membership.
  4. Nationality Number and/Or Citizenship is requested to submit.
  5. Mero Eye strictly requests, its members to respect the privacy of the organization and not to leak our policy and properties.

Format of committee  

  • We enrol one leader from one Nation as Chapter Leader (E.g. Chapter Nepal’s President – Mr Kapil Gautam).
  • We accept the additional members as per the interest, requirements of the country or the number of eye hospitals in the country.
  • We accept one member from one hospital. But still, it can be decided by the president of the country/chapter.
  • Chapter president will select the secretory, treasurer and other required members as well.

President: One (Country’s Chapter Leader)
Vice president: One (Optional)
Secretory: (One)
Vice Secretory: One (Optional)
Treasurer: One
Member: (Multiple

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