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Master in Optometry NHPC License Preparation Course

Mero Eye is a foundation of registered eye health professions especially optometrists collaborated for philanthropic work. The foundation advocates worldwide primarily for the academic upliftment of the ophthalmic fraternity. It is strongly focused to provide quality education in a most-cost effective way from the experts all over the work. Mero Eye has been conducting entrance preparation classes continuously for the past 3 years. It is the founding organization to begin the optometry entrance preparation classes in Nepal. Also, it has launched its entrance preparation book for bachelor’s level in the year 2075 B.S. which have benefited a lot of aspiring students to date. On top of these, it has a huge virtual library with a massive number of recorded sessions in different sub-specialities of optometry from experts all over the world. Striving to bring together experts’ experiences and energy of juvenile eye care practitioners to create a sustainable impact on eye care and the public, it has been conducting several programs for the optometry fraternity to date. Mero Eye has now come up with an ‘Optometry Licensing Exam Classes’ to strengthen the preparation of the optometry graduates who are willing to appear for the license examination by NHPC. These classes will facilitate the optometry graduates will quick guidance from the senior optometrists along with a provision of tips and tricks to crack the MCQs. Besides, Question-Answer Discussion (QAD) classes will be conducted to increase student’s focus, interest, and engagement which will, in turn, yield a positive result in the upcoming licensing examination. Exam Format
  • Single best response type with MCQs
  • Four options (A,B,C & D)
  • 100 Questions
  • Recall:Understanding:Application=30:50:20
  • Hours Allocated: 2 hours
Marks Weightage    
S. N Subject Marks
1. Advanced Ocular Diagnostics and investigation 10
2. Ocular diseases and ocular pharmacology 15
3. Research Methodology and biostatistics 5
4. Contact Lenses 5
5. Refractive Surgery, ocular prosthesis 5
6. Neuro-Optometry 5
7. Low vision / geriatric optometry 10
8. Applied Optics ,Refraction and Ophthalmic Dispensing 15
9. Binocular Vision Anomalies and VT 10
10.  Sports Vision, Environmental and Occupational Optometry 5
11. Teaching Methodology 4
12. Entrepreneurship and Professional Code of Ethics 3
13. Community Eye Health 4
14. Pediatric optometry 4
  Total 100

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