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week 4

You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.

1. Weight of adult eyeball is


2. Wavelength of light absorbed by lens is


3. Horizontal length of palpebral aperture is


4. Which part of orbicularis oculi is known as Horner’s muscle?


5. Safe zone of eyeball is


6. Which of the following layer doesn’t have regenerative capacity?


7. Which of the following doesn’t play role in corneal hydration?


8. Unilateral conjunctivitis is usually seen in


9. Poliosis is …………. of eyelashes?


10. Which holds the lens in position?


11. Loss of half of the field of vision in eye is


12. LPS muscle is supplied by


13. Retinal detachment can be of ………… type.


14. Which of the following causes severe injury to eye?


15. Roving ring scotoma is due to …….. aberration


16. Absence of iris is known as


17. Rapid progression of ulcer is seen in which ulcer?


18. Outer layer of retina is


19. Image formed in eye is perceived in brain as…


20. Immunoglobulin found in tear is


21. Sweat gland is


22. Wave theory of light can’t explain


23. Adult size of cornea is attained by the age of


24. Near point of eye varies with


25. The sharpest image is formed at


26. Anterior uveitis is


27. Unit of retinal illuminance of eye is


28. Which structure control the amount of light entering the eye?


29. Outward turning of eyelid from globe is


30. Pinguecula is seen in


31. In case of micro-cornea, patient is


32. Ghost vessels are seen in which keratitis?


33. Sclera appears blue in case of


34. Upward & outward displacement of lens is seen in


35. Which of the following occurs in infants


36. Schirmer’s test I measures ………. of tear


37. Synchronous & symmetrical movement of eyes in opposite direction is seen in


38. Which of these eye colors is produced by most of the pigment of iris?


39. Muscae volintantes sometimes interferes with vision and can be caused by?


40. Which of these usually causes profound vision loss?


41. In Vander Waal’s equation ( P+a/V2)(V-b)= RT, the dimension of a is


42. Two soap bubbles of radius r coalesce into one bubble of radius R. which of the following is true?


43. A particle moves in a circle of radius 25cm at 2 rev/sec. the acceleration of particle in m/s2 is


44. The amount of heat required to convert 1gm of ice at -100˚C is


45. If the relative rate of diffusion of ozone as compared to chlorine is 6:3 and further if density of chlorine is 36, find out the density of ozone.


46. The temperature at which the speed of sound in air become double of its value of 27˚C is


47. Refractive index of glass with respect to air is 1.5. What is the velocity of light in the material?


48. The amount of electricity required to deposit 0.3 mole of Ag+ is


49.  No. of half-life required for the completion of 99% of original atoms is:


50. An electron is travelling with a velocity of 2*106m/s is passing through a magnetic field of 5*10-5 T normal to the velocity of electron, the radius of path of electron in magnetic field is:


51. How much quick lime can be obtained from 25gm of CaCO3?


52. The orientation of an atomic orbital is governed by:


53. Find molarity of 10% NaOH.


54. pH value of N/10 NaOH solution is:


55. Nylon-6 is copolymer formed from


56. Shape of H2O is


57. What is Molecular formula of Aniline?


58. Oxygen family is also known as


59. The percentage of gold in 18 carat gold is


60. Calamine is ore of


61. The no. of cranial vertebrate in giraffe is


62. Golden age of reptiles was


63. Mitral valve is located in between


64. Cardiac muscles are


65. Pecton & well  developed cerebellum is an adaptation of the type


66. Non-communicable disease is


67. Movement of earthworm towards soil surface is called


68. The locomotory organ in plasmodium is:


69. Calciferous gland is found in


70. A person who can’t see near objects clearly is likely to use


71. Endosperm of cycas is


72. The plant which produce embryo but lack vascular tissue and seeds are placed in


73. Stalk of flower is


74. The pollination by wind is called:


75. Association in between members of two species in which one is benefitted while other is almost unaffected is


76. Rate of transpiration is measured by


77. The correct sequence in respiration is


78. Mitosis occurs in


79. Turner’s syndrome is


80. Which is indicator of SO2 pollution in air


81. Brunner’s gland is found in


82. Which of the following disease is caused by bacteria?


83. AIDS day is celebrated on


84. Incubation period of typhoid is


85. Widal test is based on


86. Electric bulb filament is made of


87. Mitochondria are absent in


88. The image formed in compound microscope is


89. The elimination of toxic nitrogenous waste & excess water in human is by


90. The S.I unit of refractive index is


91. Which of the following is not a primary color?


92. Acid present in gastric juice is


93. Marsh gas is


94. A biological catalyst is


95. Memory cells are


96. Programed cell death is called


97. The branch which deals with the study of defense mechanism against diseases is called


98. Disease existing at or before birth is


99. A bacterial disease is 


100. Smoking may cause cancer of


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