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Introduction-Online examination

It has been two decades of inauguration of optometry program in Nepal. During these past years, many students have strived for proper entrance classes, resource materials and guidance which could help them get their desired results. But there was lack of proper facility which could help them meet their expectations. Considering this fact, we came with a purposeful concept of commencing 1st optometry entrance classes in the year 2075. We were very happy to see the students coming up from the different corners of the country with an aim of being an Optometrist. Despite that, we felt entrance classes alone is not enough to meet our purpose of facilitating the entire students across the country who are planning to appear optometry’s entrance. And again, we came up with an additional concept of publishing an entrance preparation book focusing the need of the students. Our determination and dedication made us accomplish both of our concepts in the distinct year 2075. We were pleased to see the outcome of our effort. But we were not even enough with that as it was just the first step towards our purpose.

In today’s world, everyone has been busy with their schedules due to which continuously the circumstances arise when one must skip their interest or even the need.  This bitter scenario influenced us to think- “what can be done more to improve the entrance field?” With constant research and discussions, we concluded to initiate Nepal’s 1st online optometry entrance exam where one should only have to free some hour from their day to upgrade their knowledge for their upcoming entrance. We are intending to provide this facility in a very cost-effective way so that the students can easily manage for it. Furthermore, we also grant the topper of 1st online entrance exam to appear in the 2nd online entrance exam with no cost at all. Over and above we will be applying the same procedure to every online entrance exam we take.

Why online entrance?

Many of the students are highly interested in appearing the entrance exam and there could be several reasons that restrict to take entrance classes manually. Online entrance examination can be a huge platform that helps to step forward across the barrier that have been restricting. Thus, upgrading your knowledge and leading your path towards ultimate success.

Aims and objectives

  • To upgrade the knowledge of students in PCB, Ophthalmic and General health portion.
  • To sensitize the students with the similar questions that they are going to face in future.
  • To build up student’s confidence for tackling the real entrance exam through series of model exam.
  • To help students for yielding the desired marks in a very time friendly as well as cost-effective way.
  • To motivate students through provision of online entrance exam scholarship.
  • To upgrade the quality of entrance field.



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